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The success of Surfana is based on the simple combination of love for surfing and sport activities on the one hand and a healthy outdoor lifestyle on the other. Choose the good life.

For their yearly Surfana festival I developed a new concept & identity for 2018.

CONCEPT: Do you read Surfana?

This concept is based on a very old but smart way of communication. The egypts adored their gods and made amazing structures full with hieroglyphics. This was

their language to their gods.

The origin of surfing started in Polynesië. I can imagine that the fishermen there also adored their sea god and respected the sea by giving it offers and to change their lifestyle to be in balance with each other and the ocean.

CONTEXT: To communicate this lifestyle I created a Surfana language. This language excists out of icons and signs. You can find these signs on all the items of the Surfana festival. We can even make games to learn the people how to become a surfanic by reading the Surfana language. 

LOOK & FEEL: The whole Identity is made in a woodcarf style. This was the first technic how the surfboards were decorated 




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